Lost Smile


I ask my myself why I changed.

Why did my smiles stop?

There were no tears,

No aching sadness,

Just a missing smile.

Silence and loneliness clings to me

Like darkness hugs all during the night.

Daylight breaks,

The sun chases away the darkness,

Still I remain standing in the dark,

No light comes to rescue me.

People come and go —

Laughter comes and goes.

The silent, lonely darkness remains.

My ever faithful companion.

Still there is no sadness.

I wondered did this happen to other people as well?

And then I realized,

I am only ever as alone as I allow myself to be.

I decided that while the darkness may be a part of me.

It would not rule me.

I let the sun bring me into its warm embrace,

And my smile shines as bright.

The need to find sadness is gone.

I can smile.


Sara Horton is a Founding Editor of The Olive Press

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