Repeat, Change, Repeat

Were born into a brightly lit and invasive world, crying babies pulled from the soft, warm, dark wombs of our mothers and thrust into chaos. From the moment of conception, everything about us starts changing, and change never stops until we take our last breath.

Your mind settles into the pattern of your repeating days. How often do we hear “everything changes?” Of course, it does.  Between the everyday repetition and the immense change—you deal with life somehow. It is also true that many people hate change even though change is the basis for our lives.

From infancy to the freedom of childhood to trying to live a good adult life all the way through to death, we try to make the most of our lives—our often repetitious and even sometimes humdrum lives. Whether you get up each day at the crack of dawn and work until dinner time then go home to the wife and kids or if you never marry and are always on the move, we have patterned lives. We do the dishes and the laundry, sweep the floor, and feed ourselves in regularly spaced out intervals. We try to keep ourselves feeling good, try to educate ourselves, better ourselves little by little, hurdle over hurdles. We watch the news and the neighbours. We judge and compare and conform. We switch out our wardrobes and move the furniture around in order fight against the monotony. Some of us have children and find it is in their lives that our own are so transformed. All the time, we are consumed with day in and day out repetition.

Many of us only have a short chance at a life of frivolity or spontaneous adventure. How strange the life of a single man and/or woman is and even then, how much rarer is the human who never settles. The gypsy, on the constant move, has always been somewhat taboo. We feel sorry for them. No home to fall back on. But at the same time, we are a little jealous… as we all innately crave freedom. Freedom: the very thing we pride ourselves on as Americans, waving our flags and shouting our points of view into the wind. What we believe, who we believe in, and what is the right way to do it.

And then we eat and do the dishes, and we eat and do them again and all the while, in between, we change. Just think of how often our lives are completely transformed. It seems to me that just about every seven years, our lives are completely overhauled and yet we don’t even notice it as it is happening.

J. Frances De La Rosa

Olive Press Editor

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