Magical Mind

I’m in my giant comfy chair wrapped up in a blanket. The weight of the book is heavy in my hands as I turn to the first page. Soft light illuminates the words as they start to form images in my mind.

Harry shouts from way up on the broom. Quidditch teams fly to win and see how many hoops go in. Pictures whisper through each and every room. Magic faces require passwords to enter all their spaces. I get to journey through all their rooms and hear the fat lady sing. With each turn of the page new images are brought into my mind. Hermione screams when magic brings evil, awful things. The troll she sees weakens her knees and makes her run and hide. Harry cries when Dobby dies and there’s nothing he can do.

In spite of the tears, laughter rings in each and every chapter. Friends find ways to get through the days. They take some time to talk and dance. They eat some candy when they have a chance. They get together at Hagrid’s hut. They use these moments to get together and have some peace. These times are used to forge their friendship and remind them there are things to lose, but also things to look forward to at the end of the day.

Witches and Wizards travel to distant places, running through walls and using chimney places. They travel through the air on winged beasts. Hippogriffs and Thestrals get them where they need to go. Motorcycles and cars fly through the air. Don’t crash into the willow or you’ll be in despair. What wonders this magic can bring.

This book brings such joy and magic to me. Things I never imagined come to life inside my mind’s eye. I get to take this journey along with the characters. Danger and woe accompany the angry foe. The dark one is here; he enjoys your fear. Wands fight with flashes of light. Harry will battle with all his might. There is no greater adventure than what’s in my mind. I reach the last page and start to feel sad. Then I remember there is a new book to be had and adventures to explore—maybe one with witches and wolves, or one where a man has hooves. There are many to choose but I am glad to know that as this adventure comes to an end, in my head a new shall begin.

Katherine Cummings, Olive Press Editor

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