Another Damn Vacation








Image in the Common Domain

You see them holding hands
and watching plants.
It disgusts me.
They are so bush berry happy,
dancing in the calla lilies.
At least I think that’s what they are—
bell shaped and drooping,
so frankly sexual I could choke.
I like my flowers plastic
with little need of care.
A little dusting
and a little arranging:
that’s the way
to live a life.

Ian Randall Wilson’s fiction and and poetry have appeared in a number of literary journals including The North American Review, The Gettysburg Review and Alaska Quarterly Review. A short story collection, Hunger and Other Stories, was published by Hollyridge Press (2000). He has an MFA in Poetry and Fiction from Warren Wilson College, and is on the fiction faculty at the UCLA Extension. By day, he works at Sony Pictures in Los Angeles.

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