Light is made of tiny particles of minutes and seconds
and little bites of time, these bits of glittering pieces
can only move in a straight line with finite velocity, possibility.
Adam says that God exists between these lines,

the human soul is poetry and divine relationship.
The difference is that there are only a certain amount of rhymes.
Other poets believe that line breaks are possible, that God
uses the lines to exit stage left, behind a velveteen curtain.

The corpuscular theory bleeds into porous materials,
the wood floors, worn thin from scraping shoes,
salt tracked in from the icy roads, mudslush melting
and staining the carpet threads with oil and exhaustion.

Each cell, speaks of its own pain, attacked alone
fending off knife wounds and papercuts with multiplication
and odd scraps of paper, found around the house, clotting
between mattress and box spring, inside pillows, dreaming.

Light is made of words, clock hands, man made fears,
cherry pies, strong coffee. Darkness is the silence
that comes when the particles leave you. I keep looking
for you looking for the exit sign, glowing blue over the door.

I’ll never get used to the leaving, the sound of crushed gravel,
the receding headlights in the rain, flickering light.
The universe is tangled around my neck again.
The clasp broke, leaving the asteroids wrapping chains

around Mars and Earth, they collide, the stones chip.

Danèlle Lejeune was born in the Rocky Mountains. In 2014, she decided to attend the Ossabaw Island Writers’ Retreat to research and write about pigs. Instead, she rediscovered her childhood love of poetry, quit the Iowa farm, bought an 1875 pre-Victorian home in Georgia and took up writing poetry as her life. Her writing has been published in Fifth Wednesday Review, Red Paint Hill, Red River Review, Nottingham Review, Whale Road Review, MothersAlwaysWrite, Glass Poetry Journal, and is forthcoming in Rose Red Review and Riding Light Magazine. Her website is: Her book, Landlocked, will be out soon with Finishing Line Press.

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