Falling in Love with Icebergs


Photo by: Sara Horton

Brave adventurers we are, dancing on the sea,
Proclaiming the good news as we set sail for empty horizons
Where we will build tall monuments to ourselves
And they will rise like Babel’s Tower.
If we cannot be like God, maybe we can wipe out the sky?
Oh, silver sky!
Oh, silver clouds!
Oh, nightfall and gushes
Of wind that dance
Like flame on your tongue,
On your cheeks,
On your skin.

Swim for the wreckage, hold onto what is at hand.
The sirens sing, softly at first, then louder:
              Won’t you come to the deep,
             Formless void:
             Mother of the world,
             Sweet baptism of the sleeping?
             I can awake you.
             A lover awaits you.
            I can tell you
            The most ancient of names.
The cold water.
The daunting task.
Oh, where will you turn?
I am your captain:
Ship wrecker!


Ryne Beddard graduated from the University of Mount Olive in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion. He is currently pursuing an Master of Arts in Religious Studies at the University of Denver. In his spare time, Ryne occasionally writes short poems to ease exhaustion from his schoolwork.

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