For Ebola Burners of Liberia



ashes and bones live
inside you now

your mothers have
buried you

the people imagine you
wear death

like a shawl made from
their grandmothers’

muscles and sinews lost
to memory’s burden

you were only guiding life
through the shipwreck of survival

looking for your own food
on the etchings of the coins

the government gave you to drink
your future to numinous graves

someday your country may
remember you brought salvation

Eric Allen Yankee is a member of the Revolutionary Poet’s Brigade of Chicago. His work appears in The People’s Tribune, CC+D, Crab fat, Ygdrasil, The Miscreant, Sweet Wolverine, Writing Raw, The Fem, and Overthrowing Capitalism: Volume 2. He is co-editor in chief of Caravel Literary Arts Journal (

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