Goodbye Life


Dead by 35, two kids, a husband, the life she had worked so hard to achieve. It all faded away as the sepsis overtook her body until her loud rapid breath in the silent, dark hospital room, started to slow and then finally stopped. The sound of the loud screeching of the heart monitor stole our hope and our breath. As her body lay cooling, I wondered what her last thoughts were. Were they of the grandparents that raised her? Or the mother who abused and abandoned her? Was it her first disastrous marriage and the son who came from that marriage? Moments in the strip club? Or finding the husband who pulled her out of that life and gave her everything she ever wanted? Or was it about her sister’s daughter whom she took in and raised as her own? Was it possible it was a mix of everything? The nurse came in to take her away, I watched them wheel her out of the room. I said goodbye to the only mother I’ve ever known, as my father wrapped me in his arms.

Sara Michelle is an undergraduate English major at the University of Mount Olive. She has been published on and is one of the founding editors of The Olive Press.


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