Hawks on High


Photo by: RBerteig

In these measured ascending broad circles three thousand feet in this Delta blueness, these red tail hawks, a family or flock, soar ever higher, their wings spanned to embrace a clear sky, and the greatest bird orbits upward in white feather stomach majesty, and lo,

another drops even lower to continue its primal dance of celebration for the cusp of Virgo, this absent roar of Leo’s stars but a memory of warm summer nights as this Fall equinox forms inside the frosted distance avian soul knowing, heartbeat warm to the touch while the unrelenting heat of this August morning drops from the sky onto my willing face, a caress, tenderness,

and at my splayed sandaled feet rest two willowy down feather offerings, fallen earlier from these open heavens, spirit coincidence come to me not because I asked for its perfect intervention, but because I needed this painful reminder of my own insignificance, and with grateful hand I finger the treasure.

Bruce Colbert, a former journalist, is an actor and playwright in New York City where his plays have been performed Off-Broadway, and in Toronto. He is author of five books including two poetry collections.

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