Issue 6: Fall 2018

olive press cover issue 6

It is always a happy surprise to read submissions and build an issue of our magazine. The trust that is extended by writers from all over the world is humbling. This fall we faced real challenges as the publication date neared. Hurricane Florence was blowing in and the waters were rising. We are still reeling from the impact–but we are also happy to share with you this issue. Enjoy.

Table of Contents

1. Cathleen Cohen, “Chickens”

2. Cathleen Cohen, “Open” 

3. Isha Fazili, “Study of the Torso of a Male Nude Seen From the Back: A Religious Deconstruction”

4. Gretchen Gales, “Expiration Date”

5. Rachel Graff, “Cloaked in Darkness”

6. David M. Harris “East Stroudsburg, PA, in June”

7. Ben Jatos, “The Bystander Effect”

8. Xiaoly Li, “Spiral”

9. Mark Kessinger, “Unbridled Instinct”

10. Jeff McLaughlin, “Turning”

11. Bella Pori, “Aqueduct Racetrack–North Conduit Avenue”

12. Adriane Seville, “XVIII”

13. Adriane Seville, “XXIII”