Aqueduct Racetrack–North Conduit Avenue


Image from page 77 of “Belmont Park, 1905-1968.”

Mary Pray For Us as we travel on the American Road
under Midnight Sky, your Foolish Pleasures at our backs.
you Ponder me with Unbridled passion,
look at me with Violent Delights behind your eyes.

a Northern Dancer with a Loyal Heart
she braids a Forever Daisy chain
under stars and open plains
taps her toes to the beat of unheard Desert Jazz
begs me with outstretched palms to trust her
take a Special Risk.
instead, i Shut Out her voice.

Sunday Silence is Bubbling Over
she never knew what it was like
to face a Genuine Risk.
i wall myself in, lie motionless in the Thunder Gulch
and wrap myself in my Regret.

no one asks a horse what it wants to be named.

Bella Pori is a law student and poet in Brooklyn, New York. Her poetry can be found in Fearsome CrittersFEELINGS, HCE Review, and The Stillwater Review, among others. Her writing can be found at

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