Cloaked in Darkness

The businessman

After Pablo Neruda- The Light Wraps You

You’re cocooned in unending darkness, liturgical business man.
Slouch in your recliner, boomerang your restlessness, and shield
your ears from that small still voice, whispering that you were
made for more. Isolate yourself in the grey-hued cubicle that forms
your universe. Don’t step outside during lunch breaks, cause those
edgy Clarks loafers aren’t worth getting scuffed with earth. You never
stop talking, but you don’t say anything at all. You’re surrounded
by pompous executives brushing shoulder to shoulder. The light is
funneling away, and you can’t wait for this day to end. You want to
close your eyes so you can see. This cloak of darkness wraps you,
but the hem will fray. Someday you’ll be old, wrinkled and bedridden,
but there’s a new day. The motions of life won’t be so much fun,
rather filled with groans and opiates. You’ve stunted your growth.
The things that hide in you are in clear sight. Your roots are gone,
the fullness of being above ground for all to see. The facade of
liberation will come to an end, and you’ll realize that you’ve been
standing on sinking sand. Look past the horizon. Look to the light.


Rachel Graff is a senior in high school and lives in Southeast Michigan. She is a Jewish believer in Jesus and is passionate about reaching her family and friends through the love of their Messiah. She believes in the power of the pen and writes as a form of growth and healing. She will be attending Cornerstone University in the Fall. This is her first time having poetry published.

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