Issue 7: Spring 2019

Image by Magdalena Bookin

The Olive Press was created to give writers the opportunity to share their voices and speak their mind with interested readers, both here in our rural southeastern North Carolina home and all over the world. 

With each issue, it is our privilege to share poems, essays, and stories with our readers.

Do you enjoy reading? We hope you enjoy this spring issue. Take a moment to be in the potato fields with Geoff Martin, hike to Pilot Mountain with Steve Cushman, hit the road to Boston and visit a music pub with Carrah Faircloth, or journey to the markets of Aleppo, Syria, with Mohamad Kebbewar. Each writer in the issue will take you on a journey—enjoy the adventure.

We are delighted to feature cover art by a University of Mount Olive student: Magdalena Bookin, a senior at the University of Mount Olive, majoring in fine arts with a minor in graphic design. Her primary focus is on painting with acrylics in a colorful and expressive style. Magdalena credits her professor, Cheryl Hooks MFA, for her patience and ability to challenge her to reach her full potential.

Magdalena was born and raised in San Jose, California. Her husband, Eric Bookin, who she credits with supporting her with all her life aspirations, is a Staff Sargent with the U.S. Army National Guard.  The couple have been married for seventeen years. They live in Goldsboro, North Carolina. 

“Art has been a challenge, a blessing and has had a tremendous impact on my life.” – Magdalena Bookin


Philip Arnold, “The Wanderer”

Dudgrick Bevins, “Icarus, Who”

Charles Canady, “Forgotten Song”

Tia Cowger, “Prodigal”

Tia Cowger, “To the heart that owes me nothing”

Steve Cushman, “Hiking Pilot Mountain”

Carrah Faircloth, “Once When I Was with the Band”

Raymond P. Hammond, “The Small God of Things”

Alan Harris, “Alive in the Layers”

Alan Harris, “Foul Down the Right Field Line”

Mohamad Kebbewar, “The Soap of Aleppo”

Geoff Martin, “Somehow, Potatoes”

Jeff McLaughlin, “Last”

Jeff McLaughlin, “Ruin”

Patrick Sylvain, “First Light”

Ian Randall Wilson, “Compelled to Silence”

Ian Randall Wilson, “Model Tribute”