Model Tribute



In the land of 100 million cars,
what kind of man chooses a bike?
What kind walks? Have they
a better sky sense
of what’s up?
Fluff does not call cloud its father.
The hallway paintings are not often seen.
I wanted to cover the walls
in black, the floors in white.
My suggestions were roundly rejected.
I have asked you, please,
to let me be your animal.
You gave me a box.
You told me to stay in it.
Now to hear the butterfly
I’ve exchanged my ears for silk.
On nights like this
you can hear me flap.
To keep the peace
I’ve thrown out
all my mother’s quilts.


In addition to an appearance in The Olive Press, Ian Randall Wilson‘s fiction and poetry have appeared in a number of literary journals including the North American Review, The Gettysburg Review and Alaska Quarterly Review. A short story collection, “Hunger and Other Stories”, was published by Hollyridge Press. His first poetry collection, “Ruthless Heaven”, was published by Finishing Line Press. He has an MFA in poetry and in fiction from Warren Wilson College and teaches fiction at the UCLA Extension. By day, he works at Sony Pictures in Los Angeles.

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