Issue 3: Spring 2017


The Olive Press, Issue 3, Spring 2017

Editors: Sequilla Arita, Ally Brown, Quinton Davis, Tyquan Edwards, Danielle Heymach, Sara Horton, Madison McLamb, Rachel Southerland.

From the Editors—

We are happy to share with you the third issue of The Olive Press.

As we read, we challenged ourselves to live into our values of courage, honesty, and respect.  We read and discussed submissions, communicated with writers, checked facts, and edited work.  We considered art and explored issues of design.

The stories, narratives and poems gathered here capture the thinking and creative imagination of the writers. The editors who have built these pages took part in the creative act as well, setting the type and adding images they hope add to the reading experience.

The act of writing asks that the writer bare something of his or her soul.  Reading asks that we look inward as we consider and make sense of ideas. If it is true that literature and art teach us something about what it means to be human, we hope you find ideas here that both lift your spirit and challenge your perspective.

We hope the images and words shared here stir your thinking and your imagination.

Table of Contents: Alphabetical by last name

  1. Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams: Letter to Severn No. 1
  2. Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams: Sully Writes Haikus
  3. CL Bledsoe: Diana
  4. CL Bledsoe: Everything I Know about Chickens
  5. Mary Buchinger: At the Bonfire a Firefly
  6. Steve Cushman: Amnesia 
  7. Steve Cushman: So It Begins 
  8. Hilary Sideris: Flor
  9. Hillary Sideris: Fern
  10. Bethany Snyder: Home Run
  11. Alec Solomita: New Year’s Eve 2015
  12. Stephen McGuinness: Dinny
  13. Mark Anthony Rossi: Black Mayonnaise 
  14. Ian Randall Wilson: Collecting Chanterelles
  15. Ian Randall Wilson: Another Damn Vacation

ArtWord Credits

1.Severn Eaton

2.Sean Dreilinger

3. Pison Jaujip

4.Nadav Bagim

5. FT57


7. Megan

8.Francesca Romana Correale

9. Oleh Slobodeniuk


11. Wayan Susila 


13.Boston Public Library 


15. Kate DeLaurier

Founding Editors: Caley Breese, Sara Horton, Ashley Jarman, Emily Shaw, Olivia Springer, Cameron Sutton, and Elvis Williams, Jr.