My Nanny


Photo by: Trilok Rangan

Her small, nimble fingers hold the worn pages of her Bible
as she sips from her mug of coffee,
a morning ritual from my childhood long ago.
She smells of lavender and kisses.
My Nanny.

Her small, nimble fingers stroke the topcoat
of her feline companion. The cat set in her ways purrs
in contentment as small narrowed eyes keep watch for outsiders.
All she can say is “That’s my baby.”
My Nanny.

Her small, nimble fingers mark each letter
forming words in long soft strokes across a birthday card.
She is proud to say there is not one she has missed.
We each get ours sealed with love and never a day late.
My Nanny.

Her small, nimble fingers grasp a single long-stem rose.
One she lowers onto the glossy head stone.
A promise she made to the one she loved.
An annual ritual she intends to keep.
My Papa.


Ashley Hines was born in Wilmington, N.C.  As a child, reading was a huge part of her life.  Ashley has attended Sampson Community College and the University of Mount Olive.  She is currently pursuing a degree in Health Care Management.

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