On Being Holy


Photo By Walt Stoneburner

after Aaron Coleman

feeling lighter than a ghost. feeling
absolved from birth. every breath my own.
rattling the foundation. burning
the stakes. can’t whisper a proclamation
so I hire the gospel choir from Eastown
Baptist Church and lay prone.
irony in chains. blessings disguised
as coals disguised as sex. you wouldn’t
know from looking. holiness
is belief. every breath a new salvation.
holiness is feeling eternal while dying.
I tip my hat, honor what I can honor.
lick my bruises and salute the heavens.


Kelsey May is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her work has appeared in InWords, Pine Hills Review, NonBinary Review, and Paste Magazine and received several awards, including a nomination for a 2016 Pushcart Prize. She enjoys bike rides and everything Roxane Gay has ever written.

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