Outcry of a Black Woman


Photo by: Mark Rain

Enraged but not from the bonds of slavery
Slavery resides only in the minds of the caged captive

Captivated by communities of improvised and uneducated children
Children who grow up into stifled mislead barbaric battles

Battles of culture, self-identity, and negative media portrayal
Portrayals that glamorize our ghettos, hoods, and perverse poverty

Poverty breeds depression, self-doubt, and anger
Anger from opportunities not rightfully received

Received displeasure as purses get clutched when we walk past
Past the numerous car doors that get latched and locked

Locked into pain that shuffles underneath closed minds
Minds that don’t allow for open constructive conversations

Conversations that will never happen because of political correctness
Correctness that gives us entitlements to self-indulge in self-glorification

Glorification of the separation that we so desperately fight
Fighting the invisible enemy who never shows itself

Itself seems to be the issue – ourselves, the solution
Solutions cannot seem to manifest over singular rage

Enraged, but not from the bonds of slavery


Shameka Tapscott is a current member of the United States Air Force Reserves. She is currently working on an Associates Degree in Science at the University of Mount Olive, Seymour Johnson AFB campus. She has been writing poetry since she was five years old and is currently working on her first book. Writing is her passion.

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