Issue 2: Dreams & Nightmares



The Olive Press, Issue 2, Fall 2016

Editors: Sequilla Arita, Ally Brown, Tyquan Edwards, Danielle Heymach, Sara Horton, Jamal McNeill, Rachel Southerland, Cameron Sutton.


From the Editors—

We are happy to share with you the second issue of The Olive Press.

As we read, we challenged ourselves to live into our values of courage, honesty, and respect.  We read and discussed submissions, communicated with writers, checked facts, and edited work.  We considered art and explored issues of design.

The stories, narratives and poems gathered here capture the thinking and creative imagination of the writers. The editors who have built these pages took part in the creative act as well, setting the type and adding images they hope add to the reading experience.

The act of writing asks that the writer bare something of his or her soul.  Reading asks that we look inward as we consider and make sense of ideas. If it is true that literature and art teach us something about what it means to be human, we hope you find ideas here that both lift your spirit and challenge your perspective.

We hope the images and words shared here stir your thinking and your imagination.

Table of Contents: Alphabetical by last name

  1. Robert Beveridge: Another Pretty One
  2. Robert Beveridge: Night Song
  3. Pia Taavila-Borsheim: Main Street
  4. Elizabeth Bruce: All Knowledge
  5. Charles Canady: Living Through Parkinson’s
  6. Jen Corrigan: How Are You
  7. Darren Demaree: Emily as a River Dove Calls
  8. Jerry Judge: Honey
  9. Jerry Judge: Humming
  10. Brandon Marlon: Hope
  11. Niles Reddick: The Pool
  12. Lisa Regen: Garlic as Russian Dolls
  13. Rachel Southerland: Dreams of Time
  14. Carol Lynn Stevenson: Elegy
  15. Carol Lynn Stevenson: Untraceable
  16. Robert Walicki: Why My Mother Doesn’t Listen to Music
  17. Eric Allen Yankee: Please Help
  18. Eric Allen Yankee: For Ebola Burners of Liberia





Artwork Acknowledgements:

  1. Photo By Lisby
  2. Usuf Islam
  3. Igor Spasic
  4. Karen
  5. eflon
  6. Travis Wise
  7. davebloggs007
  8. Rob Campbell
  9.  Rookuz
  10. ghaya alghaya
  11. USA. Cairo, Illinois. 1962.
  12. Iqbal Osman
  13. Saraia77
  14. Jake Stimpson
  15. Steve Jurvetson
  16.  Thomas
  17. Timothy Valentine
  18. John Atherton


Founding Editors: Caley Breese, Sara Horton, Ashley Jarman, Emily Shaw, Olivia Springer, Cameron Sutton, and Elvis Williams, Jr.