Voices of Mount Olive, Fall 2018: Eloise Harris, Tip Tap


Photo By Rob Bertholf

Here comes the sun from behind the ocean, the
light eases across to fill the sky, and then
Tip….Tap! Tip….Tap! There you go tipping though my
mind again.

And oh what a feeling, as my heart accelerates, 3
times the normal beat, faster and faster until I’m
thinking, “It’s gonna be a beautiful day”.

Alone, quiet time and self-reflection, completely
in my zone, then there’s this Tip….Tap! And there
you go, once again tipping through my mind.

Oh the highlighted dimples, that last extendedly,
the glow that graces my face as I ponder how none
compare to you.

As the noon hour approaches, the day’s essence
settles, and then Tippity….Tap! There you go.

Oh the rush of excitement, it is sate to soothe my
entire being. Knowing that you’re out there
smiling, fills me with the warmth of summer.

Hustle, bustle, shuffling everywhere, amidst the
crowd, and even then, Tipping….Tapping!! There you
go, again.

Oh the calm permeating the atmosphere, the
sudden awakening of tranquility, and I know within
that it’s because of the thought of you.

The sun hides behind the ocean, the crescent moon
creeps in slowly as I lie on a cotton filled
cushion, and then Tip…Tap! Tip….Tap! And Lord,
there you are, once again, tipping through my mind.

Oh what a thought, caressing heartstrings,
wonderful images beholding, as the dreamland
draws nigh and I slip away.

Eloise Harris is a senior at the University of Mount Olive from the beautiful island of Nassau, Bahamas. She is a Psychology major with minors in music and creative writing. Her goal is to incorporate Psychology with the arts to inspire and empower others. Eloise has always been an arts lover and especially enjoys writing poetry, which she sometimes turns into songs. She has shared her poetry at the local arts council and also on the stage at UMO.