Voices of Mount Olive, Fall 2018: Jessa De La Rosa, Writer Will Out


The words pull, heave, sigh,

gasp, and struggle.

They push, thrust, groan,

scream, and riot.

Some days like the great crashing waves

onto the cliffs of my breast,

they beat heavily

against every contender—

competitive, persuasive.

My life relents—

my hands’ surrender—

my spirit winning the battle—

my heart rapid with the fight.

So, here I am

with my pen again

paper filled


to bottom.

J. Frances De La Rosa is currently enrolled as a student at the University of Mount Olive as an English major with a minor in Creative Writing. She writes fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. She is a veteran of the United States Air Force, enjoys reading, exercising, and cooking. She has three beautiful children who fill her life with constant motivation and joy.