Winter at Grandmother’s House


Photo by: Mark Bray

When icicles hung from your roof
like stalactites, you warmed
a sheet, swaddled me

like a new born babe
and laid me on the feather
bed in my unheated room.

You tucked a pillow under my head,
pulled the quilt around my chin
and listened to my prayers.

When morning came, I woke
to the click of your heels
on the wood floor and snatched

the covers up to hide my face.
When you called, I pretended
not to hear and lay in bed

until the shrillness of your
voice pierced my ears like
a pin pricking my skin.

Only then did I rise,
quilt wrapped, frowning
but thankful for the warmth

of the woodstove fire
you rose so early
to stoke for me.


Katherine Wolfe works part-time in Moye Library at University of Mount Olive. She is a retired Media Coordinator with Wayne County Public Schools and a member of the Goldsboro Writers Group. Her published works include Savannah on My Mind written with Bettye Clary Toomey and poerty in various literary magazines. In 2015, she was the second place winner in the Carteret Writers Poetry Contest.

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